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Guest Post: Sweat-proof Makeup Essentials!

Hey guys! My name is Thea from Thoughts by Thea blog and I'm here today to do a guest post with iBeauty! So you're all probably wondering who the heck I am. So for starters, I am a 16 year old about to start their junior year of high school on August 29th... not excited about that. I have a blog of my own dedicated to many of my interests, including fashion, beauty and travel. I will have all my social media links listed down below at the end of the post!

Today I am going to be sharing with you 18 essential beauty products you need in order to look fabulous during those hot, summer days. I live in Charlotte, NC where there is summer weather throughout most of Fall. It gets pretty hot here and I'm definitely sweat prone. I also play sports which doesn't help much. Here are some great beauty products I recommend that are sweat + heat proof! These products are also all from the drugstore, so they are convenient to pick up and inexpensive!

Drugstore Heatproof Makeup

Primers are soo important to have! They will make your foundation last a lot longer and look a lot nicer. They will also make the application of the foundation a lot easier. This primer from NYX gives a nice matte finish and is great for keeping your foundation on all day long.

I find blotting paper extremely useful during hot and sweaty days. They will absorb any excess oil on your face and keep you from looking shiny and greasy.

This Rimmel bronzer is actually waterproof, so it will definitely hold up in heat and humidity. I love wearing bronzer and this one is very matte- which means it's good for contouring. 

I like to use cream blushes instead of powder blushes because I think that they last a lot longer. It's more of a cheek stain, whereas powder can be brushed off easier. 

When it's hot outside, obviously deodorant is an essential. Sunny weather = more sweat which means you need something that will help you smell great and fresh throughout the day. 

When it's hot outside my hair gets greasy and sweaty, so I like to freshen it up with dry shampoo. I really like the ones from Fekkai because they smell really good and make your hair look a lot cleaner. This product also gives volume!

In order to beat the heat, you're going to want a setting spray. They make your makeup stay on all day long with just a few sprays. It is also very refreshing for my face when I spray mists on it.

I find that brow pomades last a lot longer than pencil products. Since it's a creamy formula, they will move your eyebrow hairs where you want them and it will dry the hairs perfectly in place. 

I am in love with this mascara! Usually when I wear waterproof or water resistant mascaras they still come off when swimming or running around. I have worn this mascara at the beach, in the pool and playing soccer and it has stayed on perfectly. A lot of people don't like wearing waterproof mascaras like this one because it is hard to take off, but most cleansing oils will take off waterproof mascara easily. I always use coconut oil!

A pressed powder can act as a setting powder which will make your concealer/foundation stay put. It will also absorb moisture and make you appear less oily and sweaty.

I definitely think that cream eyeshadow stays on longer and I really like this one from ELF! You can wear it alone or you can add a powder eyeshadow over it if you want. It can act like an eyeshadow base/primer so that if you use another eyeshadow, it will stay on longer and look more vibrant.

When it's hot outside my hair looks very crazy! Sometimes it gets really frizzy, especially in the humidity. I like to use this moroccan oil on the tips of my hair to keep it looks smooth. I usually don't use it near the roots, because I don't want it to get too oily. I just like it to be on the parts of my hair that are the driest!

I guarantee that this eyeliner will last in the heat or if you're sweating. It does not budge! I have the black version and it looks beautiful on my eyes! I wear it when I go swimming and for my everyday makeup look.

This highlighter is very pretty and it won't sweat off your face. It's also only $3.50, so who can beat that?

This foundation claims to have 24 hour wear, however I have never left mine on for 24 hours. I have used it for about 12 hours and it still looked flawless at the end of the 12 hours. I have also worn it while playing basketball and soccer in pretty hot weather and it stayed looking great!

I have the translucent version of this brow gel and it's amazing. I usually wear it over brow powder to and it makes it last super long. It doesn't come off in heat or if you're sweating which is so great. It keeps your brow hairs staying in place for a really long time!

This color is soo pretty and it's waterproof! I also like the application of chubby lip sticks for some reason. 

Hairspray is a great tool for keeping your hair in place when you're outside. Usually hair frizzes up in the heat but hairspray can help give you volume without frizz and will keep your hair from going everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Thea ♡

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